The Gratitude List

Have you heard of The Bucket List?  A hit movie in 2008, The Bucket List refers to a lifelong list of goals to compile and achieve “before you kick the bucket.”  It is like a “to do list” in life while you are still alive.  Having a “Bucket List” helps you organize in what you want to accomplish in life and have time to do the most important things in your life.

I do encourage people to have a “Bucket List”, by listing down the things they want to accomplish and do in their life.  In my personal life, I see how powerful it is when you are very clear and specific to what you want to accomplish in life.

But I have an additional list that I ask people to do, and that’s keeping a “Gratitude List”.


Most of us forget this simple truth,

“Life is a journey that is short lived”

This is why many of us give less value of our time by wasting it with:

  • ungratefulness
  • self-pity
  • envy
  • greed
  • negative thoughts
  • negative talks
  • lack of purpose.

Instead of focusing our limited time by investing it to:

  • Gratefulness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Positive thoughts
  • Positive talks
  • Balanced Lifestyle
  • Purpose-driven Life


The very important step to gratitude is through focusing our thoughts to positive and grateful things in our life.

Do this by listing down things you are grateful for in a day, week, month, quarter or year.  It’s best if you can do it on a daily basis, before your day ends.  It can be verbal or written.

This may be a hard task at the start, especially if you are used to being pessimist or negative.  But as you continue to practice keeping an optimistic and positive mindset, it becomes a habit.

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.  ~Estonian Proverb

Here’s an example of “Gratitude List”:

Live Life to the Fullest Gratitude List for 2010:

1.       53 Published Motivational and Inspiration Blog Articles;
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3.       Reached 60,000 site viewers, a 496% increase from 2009;
4.       Double increased in Subscription in our newsletter;
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9.       Published our motivational video in; and
10.   Received words of “thank you and gratitude” from people that supports Live Life to the Fullest.  Here are some of the motivating words from supporters:

This is very inspiring! I always look forward to your articles since I can relate with your stories. For me, I’ve just realized that I am responsible for my own happiness. You’ll probably never meet a person grumpier than me hehe… Everything’s one step at a time for me, hope I’ll pull it off. Keep on blogging! – Jaline

I enjoy reading every posting you put in here Thx a lot, really2 gives motivation n’ gives positive inspiration ^^d – Esaph Johannes

I just recently found this site through, and its one of the best sites…it has helped in already in more ways than one…..I love it… – Leslie A Beaird

Thank you for your many words of wisdom :oD -Christina Corroyer

I am lifted up & inspired daily by your verses…thanks for being there!!! – Andrea L Fahey

Thanks for all of your motivation! – Michelle White

Let’s Live Life to the Fullest *_^ – Kai Lane

Thanks to your website. This is one of those things that keeps me going to continuously improve myself. Keep it up! – Jaline

Nicely said, Lou–keep up the good work on this site! The world needs more people who focus on potential and possibility, and your site is a nice place for people to visit! – Tom

What a wise young woman you are! This list is worthy of being placed on the front of my fridge so I’ll look at it often. Brilliant! – cheryl from

I would jst like to appreciate the concern u have for others who need obscelecent help. – Nikolai

I love your post. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing. =) – Ann

Very interesting posts and articles you’ve got here. The articles have been a good read for me. Keep it up! – Redza Halim

I really enjoy your posts, they brighten my days – Claire Birch Quirke-Webster

Thank you for every thing.I expect new thing from yours blog.It has renewed my life. – Mesfin Wolie

i literally just “stumbled” on your site and i LOVE. i am a pretty picky blog reader and i truly enjoy what you are doing here. – The real L.A. love story

This is truly amazing. The writer did a good job.. and even if I’m only 11, my goal is to be a mature person and to be different form others. I love this. THUMBS UP! – Anonymous

At this tender age you are so dedicated to the service of humanity,I personally and on behalf of the all human beings wish you a long life to change centuries old chaotic and turmoil ed world. – Dr Chandra Shekhar Vishwa-Bandhu

I believe I first chanced on your blog via a link on Twitter.. I really like the stuff I have read on your blog and want to keep reading when I find more time – Lindsy Marlar

I really enjoyed your blog. That is always nice when you read something that is not only informative but entertaining. Greet! – Pam Mass

Hello Miss. Lou, thank you for your notification, and the inspiration quote given of “Life Life to the Fullest” had been positive encouragement in my life. I appreciate it and I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing which is, living life to the fullest. lol Thanks again for your notice, I’ve subscribe to your site, have a better day ahead and God bless.  – Adokoe David Akue

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  1. The list says everything but I would like to say You have touched many lives through this website and your articles, You have motivated them to come out of darkness, stress, worries and Live their moments because Life is nothing but putting your moments into momentum….

    Wish u lots of success and happiness ahead…..

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