The Secret to a Happy Life


I have Learned that THE SECRET is BEING HAPPY at anytime in everything that happens.

Here’s a story of LISA, a pessimist turned optimist:

Lisa is someone you would love to hate.  She’s pessimist, control freak and complains all the time.  Everything she say is about how ugly and miserable the way things are.  Nobody wants to be with her or at least be friends with her because of her attitude.

Her negative attitude came from being raised in a pessimistic family.  As she was growing up, she was taught to believe that the world is cruel and evil.  This resulted for her to expect worse in everything and to take control of things that lead her to doubt everything. Lisa’s attitude didn’t reflect only at her home but also at her work.

Unknowingly, the behavior and attitude of Lisa was a concern of her manager.  The manager knew that Lisa is unaware of something that only if she knew it, Lisa can change.

Then the day came when the manager sent Lisa to a training that changed her life.  It was a personal development training where she was taught on how to manage oneself to take control of her life positively and be a better person.

In that training, Lisa discovered the secret on how to be happy in life.  That SHE CAN CHANGE HER LIFE only if SHE is WILLING to.

She discovered that Happiness is a choice, the same as Misery is a choice.  Almost anything and everything in our life is a choice.  And the secret to a happy life is choosing to be happy.

We all have a Lisa in our life.  Most of the time, we fret and complain on the hardships that life brings us.  But if only we can change like Lisa, if we choose to be happy, we too can shift our unhappy lives to a better happy life.


  1. Hi Lou,

    I fully agree. Happiness is a choice. It’s time we become the directors of our own life.

  2. Hi Patrick, we agree that it is indeed time that we all take responsibility with the circumstances of our life. And the best way is to always decide to choose happiness. Appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  3. Just read this as my first article here Lou from your archives. Great stuff, I absolutely agree and love the fact that you have Bible quotes in your content. Knowing yet another blogger willing to spread some spirituality and BIBLE based teachings is a good thing.

    Looking forward to reading more of your content.

  4. Thanks for your comment Mike! Looking forward to bring more articles that can spread both motivation and inspiration in all aspects of life, including spiritual. Appreciate your support. 🙂

  5. Belinda says:

    Hi Lou,
    I just bought a copy of your book “Life Begins @ 21” earlier, and I can say that by reading it, I feel that I’m starting to be on the right track. Indeed, I’m a lot like Lisa and now I want to learn things on how to improve my life, hoping that with the help of your book i’ll be able to do it. Are you going to conduct another personality development seminar? I’m interested to attend if there will be. Looking forward to be in touch with you soon. Thanks and God bless…

  6. Hi Belinda,
    Great to hear you now have a copy of the book. I sure hope the book will help you start your journey to a much positive and better life. 🙂
    I do plan to conduct more personality development seminar in the future. I usually send email through our newsletter.

    Best Regards,

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