The Way to Happiness

My favorite quote about Happiness is this:

Happiness is not an end, it’s a Journey!

As I see, alot of people are not aware of this truth that’s why they live their life expecting happiness to happen at the end. Like a fairy tale with happy endings.

They see happiness as a goal, not as something that is already there, waiting to be recognized and appreciated.

When you expect and believe that happiness is an end and not a journey, you’re probably living a life of stress, anxiety, worry and all other negative feelings.  You may constantly find yourself complaining and fretting about your life, wishing happiness finally comes to your reality, like you have no other choice.

To clearly illustrate, I’d like to share with you my personal story:

I’ve used to be someone you would love to hate. I’m a pessimist, control freak and I complain all the time. Everything I speak of is about how ugly and miserable the way things are. And my negative attitude brought me nothing but hardship.

Such attitude came from being raised in a pessimistic family. As I was growing up, I’ve seen the cruelty of the world that made me expect the worse in everything, as well as to take control of things. I also have the tendency to doubt everything.

But, one day, a magical thing happened that turned my world upside down. Despite being control freak and organized, something have gone out of my control which actually changed my life. It started my journey to contemplate about my life, which include my attitude, mindset, personal growth, emotions and all other aspect of development.

The day I’ve finally admit to myself that something is wrong with my attitude, that’s when I started to achieve the better version of myself.  It was like being born with a new self. Those who knew my old self can really tell how much difference it caused.  And such transformation is what inspires me to create the same transformation to others.

In that experience, I’ve learned a great lesson. That is Happiness is a choice, the same as Misery is a choice. Almost anything and everything in our life is a choice. And the secret to happiness is choosing to be happy.

You probably can relate to my personal story. Most of the time, you fret and complain on the hardships that life brings you. But if only if you can change your perspective and attitude, if you will choose to be happy, regardless, you too can shift your unhappy circumstance to a better and happy life. You too can experience happiness as part of your life journey.


THE SECRET is BEING HAPPY at anytime and in everything that happens. 🙂

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