Ticking Clock: Use Time Wisely

The Clock is ticking, ask yourself these questions: Where am I heading?  Am I using my limited time wisely?

As Charles Darwin have said,

A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.

Time, if not money, is probably one of the scarce resource for many.   In our era now, it seems like the words busy and stress are the common condition which people recognizes as part of daily life.  And it’s sad to say that at times, it even takes up their whole life.  I was not spared of this condition, because in the past, I was one of those people whose life revolves on stress and busy working lifestyle.  Back in those days, I wanted to do everything in life all at once.

With a lot of things and opportunities that life can offer, sometimes you can’t help not to aim in having it all.  Now, the option and capacity to acquire the things we want is increasing which causes most people to fret in acquiring it all.  Take for an instance, it’s so easy to buy and book an air ticket to get you to places or spend your time at the mall shopping rather than spend quality time at home, relax and spend nothing.

Our current working force is mostly “Gen Y”, of who are known to be a very competitive generation.  Such competition creates a world of anxiety and busyness because everyone are too proactive to get ahead of everyone else.  As such, it causes people to spend most of their time studying and working , and why do we want this?  Probably to feel secured enough so as not to be left behind or worse fail.  As such, this fretful generation has caused ‘stress tablets’ to be everyone’s best friend.

If I’m not different now, I probably would not be here at home typing these things because I would have been busy in my office desks spending the week working, to finish work and get ahead.   But I’d love to say that I am different now and I’m happy about it.

Now, I’m no longer one of those people who need a stress tablet to energize and ease their stress or fatigue.  Nor do I need multivitamins to replace a healthy lifestyle.  Because now, all I have and need is to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle which starts with my mindset and habit.

Since the day I recognized I lack balanced, my life started to change little by little.  And I can say, that in few years span, I have totally changed into a different human being, so different that it still amazes me how much change I’m still encountering.  I discovered that it is true when once you have embraced change and let go of mediocrity, slowly your expansion to growth in life stretches as time flies.

Now, I’m much aware that time is my most important asset compared to anything else, greater than my pay or salary, which most people cling into that’s why they stick up wasting their time doing what they hate to do.   I have  traded the stress and busy lifestyle to a more relaxed yet productive one because I have discovered ways to work smart rather than work hard.  My ticking clock is spent and directing me to where I want to go.  I’m doing this now, for as I have known that your future starts with what you do in the present.  What you focus on at present will create your future.

So why do you waste your precious time in doing what you hate?  Direct your sail into your desired path.  You don’t have to know and have it all, you just have to know what’s important and your priority in life.  And from there, sail through it during ups and downs.  For remember,

Life is temporary and short, so live it to the fullest.  Do what you love to do instead of settling to what you hate and complains all the time.

You too have your own ticking clock.. Are you using it wisely?  Is it leading you to happiness, success, purpose and contentment?

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  1. Lou,

    You are so right! I find it so frustrating when friends and family members tell me of how much they hate what they do for a living. I understand the circumstances may obligate them to continue doing what they are doing, at least to some extent, but I wished more would focus on making a better tomorrow for themselves by starting on it TODAY, and not putting it off, watching the second hand on the clock tick onward.

  2. I agree with you dave, there are times we do things cause we have to.. even if we hate it. it’s good to endure.. however, you should also plan a way out of the things you hate and direct your sail to the things you want to do. instead of complaining without taking action to change your circumstance. 🙂

  3. Agreed Lou!

    To endure is truly noble, especially when circumstances dictate its necessity (providing for a family, paying the bills, et cetera).

    But, when the circumstances allow someone to change their lives for the sake of his/her happiness and for the happiness of those around them, it is brave to take the proverbial leap.


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