Time is Gold

One of the popular saying about time is this,

Time is gold”.

But what does it exactly mean?

Many believe that time is said to be like gold because it’s as precious and important. In financial terms, gold is one of the valuable assets that a person can possess or own which defines wealth.

Oftentimes overlooked, yet another reason why gold is valuable is that it is rare and irreplaceable. I found this truth while watching documentary about the earth and its natural resources. According to science, gold is limited because it came from asteroids that hit the earth billions of years ago. As such, the only way to increase the supply of gold on earth is to have another asteroid carrying gold hit the earth. And this occurrence may be rare to happen or I don’t think we want that to happen for the catastrophe that asteroid can do on earth.

Upon seeing the said documentary and learning the important facts about gold, I took note of the possible reasons why time is a lot like gold. And I came up with two similarities: value and indispensable.

1. Time is Valuable

Like gold, time is considered a valuable wealth. Because when we have time, we are capable of doing and having what we desire. Time gives us the liberty to do what we want and enjoy life. On the opposite, lack of time creates stress and unhappiness in our life.

2. Time is Indispensable

Like gold, time is irreplaceable. Once it is gone, it cannot be reproduced. It will take a rather vast event for it to happen that you can replace time.

Manage Your Time Well

Every day, we do certain things that we think are important which occupies most of our time.  As such, we often oversee the value of time that’s why we spend it unwisely with things that are not relevant. Or maybe we really don’t realize that time is valuable and rare.

Start treating your time as precious and rare like gold. Learn to use and manage it well by:

  1. Living and enjoying the present
  2. Defining what you want to do with your time
  3. Set your priorities


In this blog article, I hope I was able to show you why time is important. Why you should start to treat it as one of your gold in life, a valuable wealth that you possess and should spend wisely.

Once you start to look at time as precious as gold, you will begin to realize how abundant you are with time and when you are able to spend it wisely, at the end of your life, you will save yourself with regrets.

For a final note, let me leave you with this food for thought:

Lost time is never found again.- Benjamin Franklin

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