Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

The close of the year is fast approaching.  It’s the time of the year where we both look back on the past year’s happenings and most especially, look forward to what the New Year will bring about.

Oftentimes, as we look back, we tend to regret things we’ve done wrong or neglect to do.  And to prepare us better for the coming New Year, we create a list of positive change in our life.  It may include things we wish to accomplish or have, attitudes we want to change or habits and lifestyle we want to try.

To help you see what more can you do better and change in your life, here’s the top ten New Year’s Resolution you can apply in the upcoming New Year.

1. Organize Yourself

Do you often find yourself chasing time?  You have too many things to do but too little time.

Sometimes our lack of time results from our weakness to manage it.  We tend to overlook the volume of tasks we accept that we get caught off guard when things filed up.

Start to be organized and start it with you.  It may include creating a to do list, having a calendar but most importantly, know how to prioritize your activities and commitments based on their importance.

Learning to organize your activities doesn’t only help you fix the clutter of your life and work, but also help you set your priorities on things that matter most to you.

2. Be Fit and Healthy

The world is getting much toxic and polluted that a lot of not curable diseases, such as cancer, have been taking away a lot of lives.  And as such, the urgency of being healthy and fit is higher.

A lot of studies have stated and shown that there are a lot of simple ways to stay fit and healthy.  As simple as walking, jogging or plainly do some stretching exercise at least thirty (30) minutes per day can help you ease away diseases to stay fit and healthy.  Not only deadly diseases will be reduced or eliminated, but also including stress, fatigue and all other physical and emotional sickness we encounter in our day to day activities.

3.  Learn, Learn and Learn

Did you know that real learning comes from outside the school?  And that real learning is beyond the diploma and master’s degree we earn studying.

Real learning comes from our day to day activities and experiences.  As they say, we learn best through action.

Also, realize that learning can come in different forms and many outlets, like lessons we learn from our own life experiences, for attending training/seminars, taking creative classes on art or music, learning a new sport and a lot more.

4.  Spend More Time Building Relationships

Prestige, power and wealth are probably important in your life, but ask yourself, why do you work hard to achieve those?  Who are your motivations to do so?

Most of us will probably answer our family or community, the people we serve and be inspired of.  Although this reason is clear, oftentimes we forget it as we get blinded by the shine of prestige, power and wealth that we get too busy and neglect the roots of our motivation.

Take time to slow down and spend time building relationships with others.  Remember that at the end of it all, it’s not what you have that they’ll remember; it’s what you’ve done.

5.  Have More Faith

Why do some people get lucky while others don’t?

And why are there so many hard-working men, but yet they haven’t gotten lucky with their career or life?

People tend to neglect the power of faith and believing.  It may include your spirituality of prayers or just plainly believing that things can be achieved.  That you are capable of have what you want.

So if you want to get lucky, work and believe.

6.  Make Self-Meditation a Habit

Have you ever attended a Yoga class?

If you haven’t attended one or never heard of it, it’s a breathing exercise for your mind and body.  Yoga is one way of meditation that helps you relax and ease stress.  This is done by calming and coordinating both your mind and body.  And after each session, you’d feel calmer to face the clutter of life.

Self-meditation does the same to your life.  Creating a New Year’s resolution is another form of self-meditation for it makes you look over your past to equip you face tomorrows with a much better YOU.

7.  Live Within Your Means

Are you one of those who helplessly wait for their monthly salary only to be able to touch it for a few minutes before they’d turnover it to a cashier to pay a long outstanding debt?

A lot of people in our generation now cannot live without debts and credit card.  It becomes a very important part of their life, that if without it, they couldn’t survive.

And while we possess this glamorous card, we tend to live beyond our means.  We tend to think that we can have more and more of the material things that we want with less and less resources to do so.  Then boom, we are flooded with debts.

If you want to create a change in your monthly headaches, follow this advice,

Live within your means.  If you can’t, then, find a more means to live more.

8.  Avoid Bad Habits

What are the things you wish you wouldn’t do if you didn’t start ever?

Is it smoking? Drinking? Girls? Flirting? Disloyalty? Cheating?

You know it’s not doing goodness in your life, so what do you have to do?

STOP IT!  Simple as that! How?  Remind yourself of the consequences of continuing to do so.

9.  Be a Blessing to Others

Love people and people will love you.

When I say love, it doesn’t mean superficial love, but honest and sincere care and love for others.

Remember that life alone is not only lonely and sad, but also, meaningless.

10.  Live Life To The Fullest

Balanced life revolves in four aspects: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.

Live in all aspects of your life, for too much of one thing is always bad.

Don’t wait at the end of the journey to enjoy your life, instead, live in the journey of a fruitful life.  That’s a life lived to its fullest today.

Please take note that this list is not a rule, but a mere guideline that you can apply or ignore in your life.  Our only purpose is to give you an idea of what you can look upon in your life that you can think of applying in the coming New Year.



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