Top 3 Dangerous Enemies That May Steal Your Life

owl3Everyday, as we sip our coffee and read the day’s paper, headlines are overflowing with crimes, bad politics, severe calamities, financial crisis, unemployment, war, nuclear weapons, rebelling youths, and all other happenings that fills up the news.  These headlines created a world full of anxiety and uncertainty.

This is a fact that most of us are well aware of.  Now what?

The world is so huge that you’re probably thinking your sole contribution couldn’t resolve these all, so why bother?  However, your contribution may not change the world but it may change you to better cope with life’s craziness.  How?  Just two things:

Understanding the Top 3 Joy Stealers

What you focus on expands.

Have you known that “what the world is depends on how you see it”?

The world is a mess and hard not merely because of all the negative happenings that surround it but also because of what the whole world focus on about it.  And what do we usually focus on?  Most of the time, it’s the Three (3) Joy Stealers.


The word means “to make a haste” or “to speed up an action”.

It’s a common thing for our current fast-paced lifestyle.  Everything now requires efficiency that gives fast services that’s why things like instant messages, fast foods and all other faster activities now dominates our world.

Being fast is not a bad thing… it only does when it steals our most valuable time spent called “memories”.  At times, we risk to give time for important memories, such as the first walk of our child or the 60th birthday of our mom, because we are in a hurry for something else that we think are “important”.   And then when we get older and look back, we regret those moments we’ve missed out.

It’s good to be disciplined in preparing for the fruits of our future but make sure not to miss smelling the flowers along the way.

Remember that the end isn’t as wonderful as the journey along the way.


Wikipedia defined it as the state of engaging in chains of thoughts and images of a negative and an uncontrollable nature.

In a slang term it means fret, something like always troubled or bothered.

Simple stated worry is a negative thought of an incident.  It may have happened, currently happening or will happen.  Simply, it’s a negative thought.

Worry is waste of time and energy. It brings nothing but negative feelings but it doesn’t solve whatever you’re thinking.  Because thinking without action leads to nothing, what more can negative thinking give?  Instead of wasting your time worrying, spend your time with more worthy positive things.  How to do that?  You may read a great blog entitled, How to Focus in Life? or any other articles in this site.


Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat.

It’s closely similar to worry, for both involve negative thoughts, and the only difference is that FEAR is futuristic in nature.

When we think negatively of a future happening, it restricts us from taking risk to move on and achieve something.

When we fear, it limits us to do things and enjoy life.

Securing Yourself from the danger of the world

With the world of ambiguity increases the need for security.  Anything secure and safe is what we look for.  We buy on with things like passwords and locks to secure us from harm of our cluttered world.

Having these things feels enough to secure us.   However, we fail to realize that these things may secure us physically but something else limits us internally, and that’s the 3 Joy Stealers.

To secure us from these comes from one source alone, and that’s You.

Learn to control yourself and your thoughts.    Start living a life out of negative thoughts.

For you to be able to shield yourself from the harm of life and be able to live it fully and happily.


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