Truly Rich Club: Reasons Why I Joined

You may have found this blog article or it was shared to you. Or you may be wondering what is truly rich club and what it can do for you.

I am a member of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. I have several reasons why I joined this group, but here are the top two (2):

1) Developing Self by Continuous Learning

“I notice that the most Successful People in the world are always hungry for wisdom. They don’t stop learning. ~ Bro Bo Sanchez”

Before you invest in any financial instrument, you must first invest with yourself. When you invest in yourself, it means you continue learning and growing by reading books, listening to audiobooks, video blogs, attending seminars and personal mentorship with people who are already where you want to be. Remember that you can’t change your life, without changing within first. Also, change doesn’t happen overnight, it needs continuous doing (or habit), similar to exercising. That’s why developing self and continuous learning should be done daily. And that’s one of the reasons why I joined truly rich club, cause everyday they email reminders such as articles, videos, audiobooks, and daily motivational banners, on topics such as self development. They help you build and change yourself for success in whatever you choose to do in life.


Evening with the Dean at AIM. With my classmates Bro Bo Sanchez, Dean Pax Lapid, and Sir Roberto Prudente.

2) Financial Abundance and Financial Freedom

“I believe investing shall amounts each month in the stock market will give you financial freedom in the later years of your life.”

Another important reason why I joined truly rich club is because they teach on how to invest in your future, not only for yourself but for your family or loved ones.

When we think of rich people, we see glamorous people just like the “artista or model” that we see on tv. But the truth is, most “truly rich” people don’t look glamorous, in fact, a lot of rich people I know are not the most glamorous, they are simple looking individuals. But they are financially rich.

Truly rich club teaches you to build wealth through habit of saving and investing continuously every month for a couple of years, especially while you are young and actively working. This is what they say, pay yourself first.

In the Philippines, it’s so hard to do this because we are natural spender and follower of trends. We want to do what our friends and relatives do, we want to have what our friends and relative have. That’s why truly rich club is a rare find because they teach you not to follow what most people do with their money, which is spend it all for fun, entertainment, food, clothes, travel, etc. They help you build habit of saving and investing a portion of your income for your future.


Quarterly Wealth Circle Gathering at The Heritage Hotel. With me are co-members of Platinum Wealth Circle who has businesses on their own and speakers are Mr Jojo Apollo, Mr Edward Lee, CEO of COL Financial Inc and Bro Bo Sanchez.


Truly rich club is not for all. But if you are serious in creating change in your life, you might want to think about joining this club.

I encourage you to watch the video of Bo Sanchez, click here, to listen how he was able to turn his maids and driver to become millionaires thru investing.

I also wish the same for you that’s why I’m sharing to you why I joined Truly Rich Club. It is my dream that someday you all become millionaires because I shared this to you and you decided to joined Truly Rich Club. 🙂

To watch the video, click here.



Another good benefit of Truly Rich Club is that aside from helping other people become financially rich, you also earn by sharing thru what they call Affiliate. If you want to earn extra, this is a good starting point. Learn more by joining Truly Rich Club, click here. 🙂