Tyra Banks: Attitudes of Successful People

Early this year, I’ve started a blog article series entitled, “Attitudes of Successful People“.  The purpose is to feature successful people and the attitudes they maintain towards success.  The series started as weekly article but I decided to change it on a monthly basis to make a monthly reminder on the attitudes of success.

In this month of March, we will feature the success attitudes of Tyra Banks.

Tyra Banks is a well known African-American Supermodel who retired from her very successful modelling career at a young age, 32 year-old, to become a full-time business woman.  She is the founder, President and CEO of Bankable Production, an independent film and television production company, which produced the following successful television (TV) and film shows:

  • America’s Next Top Model (2003–present)
  • The Tyra Banks Show (2005–2010)
  • Stylista (2008)
  • The Clique (2008)
  • True Beauty (2009–2010)

But that is not enough for her, as she currently ventures out to the online industry by creating www.typef.com, a fashion website that caters to the specific fashion need of a specific body type.  Also, she is currently studying Owner/President Management Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School.  The OPM is an executive management program designed for senior executives who are “major equity stakeholders in companies with annual sales of at least $5 million.  Admission is selective and based on professional achievement.

One of my favourite people is Tyra Banks.  I admire her in so many aspects, especially her attitudes that brought her success and fulfilling life.

The attitudes I will write here are based on my observations of her character and through her words she spoke on her TV shows.  I’m not fond of watching TV, I’d rather read a book, but her shows makes me turn on the TV to watch.  And the more I watch her shows, the more I appreciate the character of this woman.

The following attitudes are what make Tyra Bank one of the successful women of our time:

1. Self-Confidence

An amazing attitude that I adore on Tyra Banks is her confidence.  She has achieved self-mastery which shows on how she carries herself and the words she speak.  Becoming a super model already proofs how confident she is in the outside.  Yet, she also maintains confidence from the inside which you can observe on how she deals with people and situation.  She knows how to keep an independent mind on her decisions and has win-win attitude towards other people.

2.  Appreciation to Individuality

For most of us, it is easier to criticize, disgrace and discriminate a weak person instead of helping them succeed.  But for Tyra Banks, it’s the opposite because her life purpose is “to make everyone feel and see themselves as beautiful. To make them realize their unique potential”. Her goal is to lift the spirit of those who feel they are not beautiful or good enough because they compare themselves to other people. She knows how to see potential out of the extraordinary and unique.

3.  Importance of Giving Your Best Shot

In her show “America’s Next Top Model”, which is now on its 16th series, those who win are people who were able to give out their very best.  Those who came from low level of self-esteem but have shown great change in their confidence.  Tyra is particular in mentioning that a real top model is a person who is able to showcase her best self.

In life, it is often that we over complain but we under perform. We complain more than we do more.  But if you can shift your attitude from complaining to doing, you will be able to see more positive results in life. And one of the living proof is Tyra’s success.

4.  Continuous Learning and Development

Despite Tyra’s success with her businesses and modelling career, she doesn’t settle to complacency.  She strives to grow herself more by continuous learning and personal development.  I’ve proven it when I’ve found out in a celebrity news, Extra, that she enrolled to Harvard Business School.

Remember, in life, education does not stop in school; education only starts after we become aware that life is an endless journey of lessons to learn.  And the more we educate ourselves from a lot of things in life, the wiser and successful we become.

5.  Being Remarkable

In her show, America’s Next Top Model, Tyra always emphasizes the importance of being remarkable.  Being remarkable is like being extra-ordinary and standing out.  Because in the fashion world, ordinary is boring and unmarketable.  The fashion world has a lot of beautiful faces and what will make you stand out is your unique and remarkable self.

The same is true in life, if you settle to become ordinary, you will get ordinary results.  But if you want to achieve extra-ordinary and great success, you need to find out your unique self and achieve to become remarkable.



6.  Constant Opportunity Seeking

Another worth noting success attitude of Tyra Bank is being an opportunity seeker.  She is always on the look for opportunity ahead of her and she gives her best on it.  You can see it by how she innovated herself from being a model to supermodel, becoming a TV talk show, hosting and producing America’s Next Top Model and all other television shows she has co-founded.  Currently, she’s also grabbing an opportunity online, and that is by launching her fashion website, TypeF.

The same is true in life, if you want to achieve great success, you need to be on the look for opportunity and be ready to grab it. Because opportunity missed is much painful than failure itself.

7.  Belief in Other People’s Potential

Another attitude of success I love about Tyra Bank is her openness to see potential and strength of other people.   That attitude makes her a leader.  In America’s Next Top Model, she builds up future supermodels.  She knows how to give back by helping other young aspiring models to succeed in the fashion industry.  When you are able to see and bring out the best of other people, you are able to grow yourself and move the organization towards a better future.

For most people, they see other people as threat in their goals.  This is why they see everything as competition that they attack anyone who’s blocking their way.  However, remember that in life, People are your best investment.  When you know how to deal and work with people, the further success you can achieve.   Tyra knows to apply this principle very well.

8.  Positive Attitude and Energy

Another contagious attitude I love about Tyra Banks is her positive and energetic attitude.  She often refers herself to the word, “Fierce”.   It means in a layman terms as “showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity”.  In anything she does, she has her full passion and energy.  And it very much shows in her words and actions.  When you watch “America’s Next Top Model”, you can feel the positive vibes and energy just by looking at her.  She is always smiling and glowing no matter how stressful, hectic and unpleasing the situation is.  She spread such attitude to people because when she’s around, others are beaming and excited.

Would it be nice to be like that, isn’t?  When you walk around, people are smiling and sincerely happy that you are around.  If you have been experiencing gloomy attitude and silence from people around you, probably, you need to look at your own energy and attitude.  Try to shift your negative attitude to positive attitude, and you will experience a great change in your day to day circumstances.

9.  Creativity and Ability to Think Out of the Box

One of the attitudes that make Tyra Bank very successful is her ability to think out of the box and be creative.  In our current world, there is a study that says those who will become successful are those who have a high level of creative intelligence and talent.  And as I’ve observed, it is a valid conclusion.  Because of how we see the increase in young millionaires and billionaires like Tyra Banks, Mark Zuckerberg, and all the rest who are able to think out of the box and be creative.

Now, it’s not enough that you are technically intelligent because there is already too much supply of professional in our world.  If you want to have your edge from the others, you need to start thinking and acting outside the box.  Start finding and improving your creative senses.

10.  Being Beautiful Inside and Outside

Last but not the least, an attitude I strongly believe in is the principle of being beautiful from inside-out.  Tyra Bank is an example of a person who’s beautiful from inside and outside.  She believes in the principle that being beautiful is more than skin-deep.  She always emphasizes it in her TV shows, America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Bank Show.  And she even co-founded a TV show “True Beauty” just to emphasize the importance of being beautiful from the inside.

Remember, that if you are beautiful from the outside, yet ugly from the inside, no matter how much you conceal it with make-up and fabulous clothes, you will still look ugly, most people will still not appreciate you and will probably hate you.  On the other hand, no matter how simple your clothes and make-up is, if you are beautiful from the inside, you will glow beautifully from the outside and you will be able to build better relationship with people.

I hope this article inspired you to improve your attitudes for the better.  It will not only bring you closer to success, but it will also improve the quality of your life.  For final a note, I’d like to leave a quote from Tyra Banks:

“If I had lower self-esteem, I would probably be starving myself right now.”


  1. Jo Ann Wentzel says:

    Goos blog Lou. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jo Ann! 🙂

  3. Thanks Lou for this article 🙂 I really enjoyed reading it, as I completely agree with every single word you says about Tyra. I rather hate watching TV shows, but Tyra’s ANTM turned to be so exciting because of Tyra’s personality and her attitudes… I admire her!
    Thanks for the article and sorry if my English is bad ))

  4. i like tyra… some people mistake success and being frank and open about it arrogant… as far as i experienced, i haven’t met any “successful” person in their own right who’s into false humility… oftentimes, people who can’t take a straight-to-the-point talk have personal financial insecurities

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