Top 4 Unhealthy Food List

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. ~ Spanish Proverb

Have you ever experienced a moment where you found out that everything you know or been practicing isn’t right? That doing things differently is the best course of action yet you find it hard to do so because you’re comfortable doing the wrong stuff.

As for me, there are couples of old and wrong beliefs, already part of my life system and habits for several years, which I discovered were not helpful for me. And one of those is my unhealthy eating habit.

I realized that majority of what I was accustomed of eating and drinking was not healthy. And since I was very picky on what I eat, it is hard for me to change my unhealthy eating and drinking habits. No wonder why I used to get sick easily and I don’t gain enough weight.

But for the past couple of months, I was forcing myself to eat and drink healthy food and beverages. My great motivation was the baby inside my womb, because I wanted to give him the right nutrition and care. But since the task is changing a system and habit that’s been part of my life for several years, there are still days I can’t control my craving for those unhealthy food and drinks. Yet overall, I was able to control myself, and in return, I learned a valuable lesson from such experience. Especially after seeing good changes in my physical weight, stress level and skin condition. Following a healthy eating habit while avoiding unhealthy food and drink created change in my well-being.

Four Unhealthy Food and Drinks to Avoid

1. Caffeinated Drink

Like Coffee and Sodas. Most of us are used to drinking coffee early in the morning in order to give us energy for a day’s work. And then during meals or snacks, our favorite beverage will be a can of soda. Although there are good effects of small amount of caffeine in our body, but too much, may affect our bones and heart which leads to loss of calcium and increase heartbeat, as well as insomnia and restlessness which can cause severe stress and depression. Additionally, caffeine causes dehydration which means we lose water that our body needs. So if you can’t totally avoid caffeinated drinks, might as well decrease your level of consumption and just stick to maximum of 200grams per day (or 1 cup). The best replacement to caffeinated drinks is still a natural and fresh water or fruit juice.

2. Processed Food

Like hotdogs, luncheon meat, dairy products, canned goods and cup noodles. To give you an easy to remember description, a processed foods is anything we eat that not on its natural state. Food on natural state include fresh fruits and vegetables which I wasn’t fond of eating, especially vegetables. Personally, it is hard for me to avoid these because most of what I ate when I was growing up belongs to this food group. Eating processed foods is not beneficial because it doesn’t provide us nutrients that our body needs. This is why I used to be really thin and sickly because I don’t get much enough nutrients that my body needs since I rely on eating on processed foods. But by forcing myself to change my unhealthy eating habits, I was able to somehow like eating fruits and vegetables. There are times I even crave for it. As such, I was able to gain weight, for me and my baby.

3. Fatty Food

Like fried meat, burger, fries, pizzas, chocolates, ice cream, and cookies
This is another unhealthy food I love to eat and I bet most people do. I remember when I was still working and employed, most of my meal comes from fast food restaurant. I saw the effect wasn’t good especially on my skin because it became really oily with lots of acne. When I started to minimize eating fatty foods, I saw that my skin started to become better; I no longer worry on oily and acne prone skin. Some friends even said I was glowing.

4. Sugar-Coated Food

Like doughnuts, chocolate, cakes and other pastries. These are my personal favorite foods which are unhealthy. Sweets like chocolates, cakes and doughnuts are hard to resist, especially women. But sad news is we have to avoid and minimize eating these if we want to be healthy and live longer. These foods are high in cholesterol and can cause diabetes.

Overall, I don’t suggest that you 100% stop eating these food that you love to eat, even if their unhealthy. Realistically, I know it’s tough and hard to completely avoid it.  If you have the strong self-control, then you might try to totally eliminate them in your life. But if you can’t resist them, like I do, at least try to minimize eating and drinking these food and drinks I mentioned.

Remember too much of anything is always bad. So strive for a healthy and balanced diet/meal each day. By doing so, you can see good changes not only in your physical health, but in all other aspect of your life. Because as they say, when you are feeling good inside, it shows in the outside.

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tomorrow is disease. – V. L Allineare

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