Warren Buffett: Attitudes of Successful People

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In line with our “Attitudes of Successful People” blog series, we will now look at the success attitudes of one of the world’s most influential and wealthiest people, Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett is an American investor, capitalist and humanitarian. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world.  Constantly, he is included as one of the top three (3) wealthiest men in the world.  In 2008, he ranked as the number one wealthiest men in the world.

Warren Buffett is well known for popularizing “Value Investing”.   His skills in business and investing are what made him successful and wealthy.  Yet despite the wealth he accumulated, he was known as philanthropist, because he donated 99% of his total wealth to charity, and he is being admired for his frugality, because despite his wealth, he is living a very simple life.

Warren Buffett’s success story is one of a kind, and I personally, look up to this person.  Not only because he is one of the world’s wealthiest men, but because of his character and attitude towards life and success.

5 Attitudes of Success of Warren Buffett

For my personal review, these are the attitudes of success I admire from Warren Buffett:

1.  Business and Investing Skills

Warren Buffett was born with entrepreneurial spirit.  He was a son of a stock investor, and as a child, he was already involve with a lot of selling activities.  It was also believed that at a young age, he bought shares of stock from Coca-Cola Company.

Yet despite his entrepreneurial and investing background, Warren was interested to learn more and master investing.  He enrolled in a master class in Columbia Business School, in order to learn investment insights from Benjamin Graham, who is the author of the book Intelligent Investor, Warren’s favorite investing book of all time.

2.  Hard-Work and Diligence

Warren was very hard-working and diligent.  When he was a child, instead of playing around, he was already selling and trading stuff.  He doesn’t waste time for play and he gives a lot of value to work.

Even now, at the age of 80 years old, he still works as the CEO/Chairman of his investing company, Berkshire Hathaway.

3.  Simplicity and Frugality

One of the attitudes I admire on Warren Buffett is his simple lifestyle and value for money.  Despite the fact that he is one of the top billionaires in the world, he still lives a very simple life.  I even once read in a magazine that he still rides a cab on the way to his office in New York City.  Also, he still drives his old car and lives at his old house.  It just shows that his desire and interest in investing and business wasn’t rooted from greed of having and acquiring material things, but out of passion to his craft.

4.  Emotional Intelligence

Another attitude I personally admire from Warren Buffett is his high EQ or emotional intelligence.  He doesn’t let his emotion affects his decisions in life, business and investing.  Maintaining a high level of EQ have helped him achieve success in his business and investing career.

5.  Philanthropist

Last but not the least attitude you will admire from Warren Buffett.  He knows how to give back to society.  He worked hard and accumulated wealth yet lived a simple life, in order to give the majority of his wealth to charitable causes.

I’m sure after reading this article, you too was inspired and motivated by Warren Buffett’s attitude and success story.

One of the words I’ll remember from Warren Buffett is this:

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.


  1. Hi! I really love this blog site especially this article about Warren Buffet because I admire him so much. Sana next time mga successful Filipinos naman ang mai-feature nyo. Hehehe! 😛 More power and may God bless you more!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Marjorie, thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear that our blog site has been helpful to you, and just like you, I do admire Mr. Warren Buffett 🙂 We did feature three filipinos in our attitude of success blog series. They are Manny Pacquiao, Jay Mclean, and Jayson Yanuaria Later on we will feature more success stories! Have a happy life journey to you as well! 🙂

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