55 Ways to Deal With Stress and Annoying People

Countless times have we found ourselves faced in situation of extreme annoyance, either because of a person or circumstance.  Situation that creates stress and negative emotions that ruins our day, and worse, our life.

When negative emotion sets in our life, we tend to carry the feeling wherever we are and whatever we do.  Such brings bad feelings that’s sometimes is too burdensome.

To help you ease the burden and cope in such hell of scenario, here’s a list you can laugh on or take into consideration.  It may not solve all your stress away, but I guarantee that after reading, you’d be smiling.

So here goes:

  1. Be aware of what works in your mind.
  2. Stop saying negative things to yourself.
  3. Rule over your emotions.  Think before you feel.
  4. Stop looking back and move forward.
  5. Concentrate your attention to the solution, not the problem.
  6. Be prepared – expect things to be not easy.
  7. Surround yourself with happy people.
  8. Breathe.  Don’t panic.
  9. Take a walk.
  10. Have a break and drink coffee
  11. Have courage to say “No” when you mean it.
  12. Look up in the sky and gaze on the stars.
  13. Read a poem or novel.
  14. Listen to happy music
  15. When mad, count 10.  If deeply mad, count 100.
  16. Keep yourself busy.
  17. Stay focus.
  18. Look forward to the rainbow after the storm.
  19. Look in the mirror, tell yourself you’re beautiful and smile.
  20. Look at problems as challenges.
  21. Write a note of what you feel then tear it up or hide it.
  22. Pray.
  23. Try to be cheerful and optimistic
  24. Don’t stress over small details.
  25. Have a sense of humor.  Learn to laugh on small things.
  26. Don’t expect things to be perfect and risk free.
  27. Clear your mind for awhile.  Don’t think too much.
  28. Drink lots of water.
  29. Ask for a hug
  30. Dine out and eat.
  31. Be lazy and take a long bubble bath.
  32. Make someone else happy, it will make you happy
  33. Sleep over it.  Rest your mind.
  34. Create and throw a paper airplane.
  35. Appreciate a work of art.
  36. Plant a tree. Help save mother earth.
  37. Play with a child.
  38. Take a stroll with your dog.
  39. Get out and play in the rain.
  40. Make today the best day of your life.
  41. Greet a stranger with “hello”.
  42. Try something new thing.
  43. Smell the flowers along the way.
  44. Stop rushing.  Do things moderately.
  45. Learn to have grace under pressure
  46. Do some stretching and exercise daily.
  47. Be a better listener. Talk less and listen more.
  48. Listen to a new song and memorize the lyrics.
  49. Arrange your closet.
  50. Go on a hiking or picnic.
  51. Watch a movie and eat popcorn
  52. Go to a game and scream your throat out.
  53. Sleep and relax.  Free your mind and body.
  54. Tell yourself that life is short to be unhappy.
  55. Last and most important, go to this site (www.lifetofullest.com) and read this list.


  1. Nice post!
    I’d like to add exercising to this list, after a good workout your body releases endorphins making you feel good, and you’ll be mentally proud you did something productive and healthy!
    It also brings you into the present moment and takes your focus off whats bothering you!
    Thanks for the list, I’ll try coming back and reading it if I’m upset… take care!

  2. I really enjoyed your blog. That is always nice when you read something that is not only informative but entertaining. Greet!

  3. This is really enlightening. Strategic study!

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