When God is Our Friend

My Lord is my shepherd, and there’s nothing I shall Fear.

Anxieties and fears are the main stealer that prevent most of us to feel happy with our lives. And when it happens, we view life as a struggle that we have to live on day by day complaining and fretting.

But when God is our friend and the central focus of our lives, it replaces all the negativity that causes our anxieties and fears. Because he gives us three important characters that shield us through anything:

  1. He provides courage to have faith regardless of circumstance;
  2. His love protects us from fear; and
  3. He gives us peace of mind and contentment by providing us hope.

The only way we can face realities of our life is by maintaining our faith, love and hope from our Lord, regardless. Do not waste time clinging to those negative things. We can’t wait for things to be perfect and free of all risk and failures.

What we can do is sail thru life with joy in our hearts doing the best of what we can, then trusting and knowing that God is in control.

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