When It Rains, It Pours. Where’s Your Umbrella?

Life is so mystical that at times brings unexplainable things and happenings.  We experience sequential events that either make us supremely happy or be lured to misery. Like there are days when everything happens brings us good lucks while there are days when all we experience is continuous bad luck.

I’ve experienced such kind of sequential events once in a while. And just recently, I had the longest day of my life when everything happens throughout the day were bad lucks. Some call it ‘Murphy Law’ While I’m sitting quitely and thinking how much bad luck can anyone get. I’ve contemplate on how I will response to the scenario and how I will move forward with it taking the lessons with me.

And the lesson I’ll bring with me are:



Adversity Happens

Personally, I’m a bit organized and careful. But as I grow in my personal and professional life, I’ve learned to accept that adversity happens, even how organized and careful you are.

Life is not perfect, and ones you accept life’s imperfection, that’s when you start to appreciate life even through adversity.
Instead of complaining and feeling burdened by the adversities, see it as a learning experience that will also pass, living you with more lessons in life.


Negative Thought Multiplies Adversity

Have you heard of the ‘Murphy Law’? It’s a term to describe series of negative events in a given time.

I’ve come to realize that such series of negative events happens through how we think and accept the adversity. If we react, we feel bad. And when we feel bad, for some reason, it even multiplies the adversities. That’s law of attraction working. Either it’s positive or negative, you still attract more of the things that you think.

When adversity happens, avoid negative thoughts, and just focus your thoughts on the solution.


There’s Happiness When You Stand Up From Adversity

Life is a cycle, there are days you’re up, the next days you’re down. The same is true with adversity. Even how hard and impossible your day may become. Remember to stay positive and think of the happy feeling when you are able to stand up from adversity. Everything has a season, if you experience hard days now, be assured that there is happy days ahead, as long as you keep positive in the situation.


In any adverse circumstance, remember that your attitude and your thoughts, not the circumstnace, will define the future outcome. Your attitude and thoughts will be your umbrella that will keep you dry from the pouring rain.

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