When Was The Last Time You Got Promoted?

Corporate Ladder

You have been in the company for a while and have shown great dedication, working at your best to give service to the customer and to the company.  But why is it the position you have now is the same position you had since your day one in the company?

Looking for ways on how to get promoted, you typed in Google.com and type these words “Ways to get promoted” in the search box.

Search result will then show you the following:

(Lifted from http://www.articlebase.com/)

5 Ways to Get Promoted

  1. Generate Charisma
  2. Always Be on Time
  3. Create a Social Life in Your Workplace
  4. Be Grateful and Thankful for What You Receive
  5. Make Friends with Your Boss.

After reading the advice and guideline from the internet, you will now scratch your bald head and say to yourself,

“Darn, are you crazy? I have all this criteria!!!!”

Confused and furious of your lack of progression, you will now feel bad and curse your boss, including the company.  You will spread negative words and ill-feeling on why it is a bad decision to work in that Company.  You will even influence other people to feel as bad as you do.

But hold on there, instead of feeling bad and cursing everyone else, other than yourself, maybe you can do some reflection on other reasons why you haven’t been promoted, and look the situation on a brighter side.  Because your non-promotion may be a good sign and opportunity waving in front of your face letting you know that you were  not made to climb the corporate ladder.

That maybe you were made to do much greater things other than climbing that endless ladder of the corporate world, which doesn’t even want to give you a single chance.

Maybe you were made to make use of your time more effectively by creating a big difference into your life and to other people’s lives.

Maybe you were made to build bigger dreams in your subconscious mind that was left sleeping for a while.

And lastly, maybe you were made to act on those dreams to make them a reality which the corporate world won’t be the suitable place for you to do so.

Take time to reflect and look at your current situation, and then ask yourself,

“Are you at the person you wanted to be? Are you living the life you’ve been wanting to?”

Remember, if your present isn’t giving you the satisfaction that you were aiming for, then there’s something you should do to change your situation.

As Albert Einstein have said,

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different result.

Stop wasting your time mourning on that promotion and start learning other ways to promote your life status.  Climb your way up higher than the ladder of the corporate world. For who knows, you will discover that you were made to be the owner of the Company that your boss is working to.

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