Why a Balanced Life is Crucial to Live Life to the Fullest?

Have you known a man who would want to work while he lays on his death bed?

A lot of stories and studies have revealed that most people, who lays in their death bed and near to the end of their life, does not want to talk and remember the power, position, prestige and wealth they have acquired.  Instead, what they want to remember and talk about is:

  • how full they have lived their life;
  • how their kids have turned out;
  • what difference did they make in other people’s life;
  • how much positive change they’ve created in their community;
  • the meaningful and deep relationships they’ve built;
  • the places they have visited; and
  • other similar important life aspect.

However, oftentimes, most people are regretting why they did not become that man.

There is this famous saying:

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

But, alot of times, we put all our eggs in one basket to run and chase the success that we dream of.  Then once we achieve our dreams or failed to get things the way we want to, we have no one beside us.  And that’s the only time we recognize that in our effort to succeed with our dream, we’ve missed a lot of other significant aspect in our life.

What Constitue a Balanced Life?

Everyone is a house with four rooms:

  1. Physical – includes your physical body and health.
  2. Mental – includes your intelligence, mindset and growth as individual.
  3. Emotional – includes your feelings, maturity and relationships with other people.
  4. Spiritual – includes your faith, values, commitment, meditation and beliefs.

Unless you go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, you are not a complete person.  To be able to live a balanced life, the challenge for you is to visit and take part of each dimension in your day to day life.

Build success in all areas of your life.

If you succeed in work but failed in your personal relationships, you did not succeed.  Any success you must aim and achieve must be a holistic success. 

Success is not whole if it’s one sided.

Remember, you cannot survive life without money but it’s not sufficient reason to stop living life because you’re chasing money.  It’s the same as you can’t live without eating, but you don’t live to eat.  Plus you cannot give your excellent performance if you are unhealthy.  It needs balance.  Even if you may find it hard to put time in all areas of life, you have to, because it is the only ultimate way for you to be able to live a happy and successful life.

That’s the key:

If you want to remember a fulfilling, happy, successful and fully lived life, you have to begin balancing your time in all aspects of life.

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  1. Life’s true failure is any time people do not understand how close you were to good results when you lost the battle

  2. Nice post Lou. These four aspects are very important for a meaningful life, otherwise we just end up passing our days. Just imagine a small kid, how he enjoys his life, How he is happy in his world. These four aspects are controlled naturally for Him. His innocence gives him many friends, Family loves him for his innocence too, He keeps playing with things and Being innocent makes him close to God too.But as we
    grow, we are lured by attraction of physical things, their charm. We start concentrating on only one aspect and that’s were we fail. We may accumulate money, but we are left with a big void inside.Thanks for sharing this. We will be wating for more such articles..

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