Why People Love Starbucks?

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.  – Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks Coffee

How’s Your Morning?

Not so long ago, our mornings wouldn’t be complete without the smell of the coffee beans in our house while dad sips from the cup and reads the paper.   But who would have thought back then that the usual cup of coffee that mom prepares for dad will be done outside and be a huge coffee company that sells like hotcakes, internationally.

Now, our mornings have changed so much that it wouldn’t be complete without the 7am stop by to grab that white cup with a green logo sized “venti” coffee.

How did it happen that such aroma we always loved to smell at home is now done outside?  Well, thanks to Starbucks.

Someone who’d ask “Who the hell is Starbucks?” does deserve a knock.

Starbucks have spread like the yellow big capital M we see in every corner streets.  The difference is it doesn’t sell “burger mac” but “venti latte”.

The Magic of Starbucks

Most, if not all, have probably raise their eyebrows for either they didn’t buy the idea of sipping their coffee outside the office and home or they couldn’t take to spend money for a cup of coffee.

But like magic, Starbucks have made the impossible to become possible.  The unbelievable became believable.  And the unusual became usual.  A life that existed without Starbucks became a life that couldn’t exist without Starbucks.

The magic didn’t came from fairy god mother but from the word “vision”.  Starbucks had a great vision and such vision, in itself, created a huge change in the way we live in now.

Where Did The Magic Begin?

Starbucks happened only upon two conditions:

  1. Vision
  2. Sincere value of service to people

What Does Starbucks Offer?

A cup of coffee.

We see Starbucks as a coffee company.  But ironically, not 100% of the people who goes to Starbucks buy for the coffee.  Mostly buys for reasons other than coffee.  And what are they?

  • Value
  • Ambiance
  • Service

The Price We Pay

In Asia, particularly in Philippine Islands, a cup ranges from P75 to P175 which costs like a one complete meal.  Is it costly?  The answer, however, depends on the person.

Some find it overrated to its real worth while others believe it’s fair enough.  This shows that “Starbucks” isn’t for everybody.  Just like things cannot be favorably the same to anyone.

Each one of us have our own unique battlefield and only you can control it.  And as such, you must choose your way and values you’d believe in along the way.  You can’t balance liking and disliking one thing, just like you can’t believe in two contradicting values.  You need to wear ONE particular “hat” or value that you’d wear all through out.  Knowing your one true value can help you in your direction and decision-making in life.

Having no particular view will leave you hanging without definite focus and goal.

Ultimately, you’d know your worth if you know your value.

The Feeling We Have

At times, if not often, we buy in not for the coffee but for the experience.

The old chairs and table, friendly barista, soothing music  and the aroma of the coffee makes you feel relaxed and at home.

It’s a place for you to be away from the stress of our daily routines.  For others, it’s a place for them to do some thinking while the rest make it a place to do meetings either for work, business or personal.

Whatever reasons you may have, one way or another, Starbucks have been the place that meets all this.

Starbucks gives us the feeling of relaxation and belonging.  We feel it because Starbucks is true to its values and it shows.  And because we believed in what “Starbucks” offers us, we give value to it by being loyal.

We too can make such impact to others if we are true to our worth and value.  People will see and feel it.  We do not have to even try for it naturally shows.  We do not have to pretend to be somebody else for we can just show our own self and be accepted.

That’s What They Serve

There’s no greater purpose in life than service to others.  And indeed, Starbucks are one of those company who are living and being true to this famous line.

In its book entitled “It’s Not about Coffee”, the author and previous CEO, Howard Behar, have mentioned that Starbucks is all about People.

From their employees to its customers and suppliers, they give priority to people and relationships.  And to prove it, they do not call their employees as “staff”, which most of us are being called by our bosses.  Instead, they call all employees from below to top as “partners”.  Because they truly believes that each and everyone is contributing to the success and growth of the Company.

They believe that each and everyone can be a great contribution to an organization’s success, and the world for that matter.  Amazing isn’t?

And that reason alone is why  a lot of people is giving back the value that this Company is providing them.

Three (3) Important Lessons From Starbucks

  1. If we have vision it creates magic.
  2. When we are sure of our value it creates direction and feeling on what we offer others.
  3. If we prioritize on people, we do not need to look for the reward and recognition, it comes to us.

Now ask yourself, what value can you offer that would change not only your mornings but the rest of your days? Who knows it can also create magic that will change the world.

While we are a coffee company at heart, Starbucks provides much more than the best cup of coffee—we offer a community gathering place where people come together to connect and discover new things. ~ Starbucks Coffee


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  3. Thanks for your comment Kenney. It’s great that you’ve liked our article. Indeed, Starbucks made its big mark and continues to do so. Hopefully, not only the coffee will reach it’s people but its values too. Please share and spread the experience! 🙂

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