Why is Everybody Else So Difficult?

In life, you will encounter people who tend to find fault in other people whenever faced with difficulty and failures.  They play the “blame game” wherein they blame everyone else’s for their fault but can’t recognise their own fault.

During difficult moments, may it be done by a person, circumstance or place, here’s some of the things you can do to handle the situation without playing the ‘blaming’ game:

1.  Do Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise can help you relax and stay calm.  This is similar to the old saying, “Count 10 when you are mad, Count 100 when you are really mad”.

When you do breathing exercise, first inhale deeply and then exhale slowly.  Let go of any thoughts and think of nothing else but your breathing.  Focus your thoughts in your breathing.

2.  Look at a Beautiful or Relaxing Sight

Another way to deal and handle a difficult situation is to look at a beautiful or relaxing sight.  If you are working in an office and you have your own working table, you can put pictures of significant people in your life or just a beautiful picture that you can easily look at when things get really stressful and difficult.  If you are home-based, try to hang a painting or picture portrait in your home which you can easily look at to help you get relaxed and stress-free.

3.  Rule Your Emotion

In difficult situation, we usually let our emotion take control of the situation which is why we feel stressed, annoyed and we get angry.  And once we let these negative emotion control us, the situation doesn’t get easy or solved, in fact, it gets even worse.

I am emotional myself, and in the past, I’ve experienced a lot of negative effect because I let my emotion rule my capacity to think.  But I’ve learned my lesson well, and whenever there’s difficult situation, I’m reminding myself to take control of my emotion by thinking before I feel.  It helps a lot to keep me calm, relax and positive even during difficult moments.

Remember that difficult moment is not as bad as we think. Learn and practice how to handle difficult situation and people.  Be open-minded and humble. Do not let your ego blind you.  What good does it give you?  All but negative things like stress, pimples and worse, a ruined day and relationship.  These things don’t only make you feel bad, but makes you ugly both inside and outside.

In each difficult situation, take it calmly. Do not take it against you and of the other person.  If you are wrong, admit that you are wrong but never let it degrade you as a person.

Remember that the weight of difficulty depends on how you think and handle it.  So why waste your time being ugly, take on the lighter side and be happy.  Dust if off and move on to more important things.

Whenever you are trap with difficult situation, think of this phrase:

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. ~ Proverb

I hope this article has been somehow enlightening and helpful for you.  We appreciate your comments or feedback.  Please feel free to share this article to your friends by clicking the share buttons below.


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