Finding Work and Life Balance

“People put all their eggs in one basket to chase power, prosperity, position, prestige, or pleasure to find success.  But once they have it, they realize they haven’t succeeded at all in the most significant areas of their lives” – Dr. Ron Jenson


Every day, we wake up with some level of motivation, whether we are aware of it or not.  May it be for work, school, home or community reason, each morning, you wake up with a purpose to fulfill.

Take a minute to reflect on this question:

“What motivates you to wake up each morning?  And do your actions fulfill your motivation and purpose?”

My motivation(s) is (are) ____________________________________________________________.

My action(s) is (are) ________________________________________________________________.


Sample motivations can be promotion, career progression, power, prestige, building wealth, honor, raising great kids and family, touring the world, acquiring material things, socializing, etc.

Oftentimes, our motivation revolves on material pleasure and what is seen by the eyes that we neglect those that are non-material and unseen.  Our journey to seek material and worldly pleasure causes and prohibits us to enjoy the simple things in life.  Things that are not seen, yet brings more meaning and enjoyment in our lives.


What is Work and Life Balance?

In our world of chase and stress, most of us are too busy accomplishing our goals and finding our own self-fulfillment.  So we seek for prestigious jobs, we work ourselves hard for long hours and we keep aiming for that corporate ladder.  But despite the successes we’ve achieved and the higher career promotions we’ve stepped on, we are still filled with unhappiness and negativity.

There are three main reasons for stress and unhappiness:

1)  Lack of Passion

2) Lack of Positive Attitude

3) Lack of Balance


How to Balance Work and Life?

Personally, I’ve used to be one of those who seek to climb the ladder of corporate world and who keep on chasing for success in life.  But there came a moment I’ve felt unhappy and stressed by its chaos that I’ve took a stepped back to reflect on my situation.  In that moment, I’ve asked myself three questions:

1)  Does My Current Job Motivate Me to Wake Up Each Morning?

Every morning when you wake up, analyze yourself, do you feel excited and happy to go to work?  When your answer is “yes”, then you are right on track.  Most probably, you have an energetic and positive attitude towards the day, as well as, you excel in what you do.  But if your answer is “no” or “I don’t know”, then you are in a stressful and negative situation.  Because when you are not motivated and passionate with what you do, there is a great chance you will be filled with negative emotions, such as unhappiness and stress.

Motivation roots from passion.  When you have passion, it gives you positive drive to give your best performance.  For if you love what you do, you will never work in your life.  Your work will be like a playing field that gives you positive energy to perform at your best.

So if you find yourself feeling negative and unhappy with what you do, take time to reflect on your passion.  Here’s an article that can help you: How to Choose The Right Career? – Part 1


2)  Am I Being Reactive or Proactive?

Another problem that causes people to live an imbalanced work and life is their attitude.  Having the right positive attitude is very crucial in whatever you do in life.

There are a lot of people who have found their passion in their work, yet, they still feel unhappy and stressed.  This kind of person is what we can tag as “reactive”. They love what they do, but they don’t like the environment of their work, whether it’s another person or the work culture.  This is why instead of being motivated to give their best foot forward, they can’t stop complaining and feeling negative.

On the other, “proactive” people are those who don’t let their emotions block their way in any circumstances.  They give their best performance regardless of opinions and criticism.  They have achieved self-mastery and right positive attitude to understand that they cannot control others but they control themselves.  So instead of wasting their time on negative thoughts, they invest their time on proactively seeking opportunity for themselves.  They’ve understood that life is not what happens to you; instead they’ve understood that life is what you make it.

Take a minute to reflect, are you being reactive in your daily circumstances?  If your answer is yes, find ways to change such behavior.  Here’s an article to help you, 10 Attitudes of Successful People


3)  Are You a Man of Success Yet Broken in Other Aspects?

Success is not whole if it’s one sided.  If you’ve achieved success in your profession or business but you’ve failed in your relationships, probably, you end up being a loner old man.  Because you’ve let your chase to success prohibits your chance to build great relationship with people around you.  On the other hand, if you’ve built great relationships yet lived with lack of purpose and fulfillment, perhaps, you will become a poor man dying of hardship.

To achieve a well-balanced lifestyle, you have to work on balancing success in your work and in other aspect of life.  I know this is a hard task for most people, especially nowadays.  But it doesn’t mean it’s hard, it can’t be done.  It will need some sacrifices and changes in your habits.  Yet the reward is much more fulfilling.  Remember, life is a one way journey, so live it to the fully with no regrets.

To help you find balance in life, you may also read this article: How I Was Able to Live Life to the Fullest and How You Can Too!!


To end this post, let me give you a simple reminder:

The key to achieving work and life balance is when you are able to spend time in all aspects of your life.  Because life is a one way journey to just merely surviving it with too much work, lack of passion and negative emotions.  Instead, do something to make your life worth living by finding balance, passion and right attitude!Lou Macabasco


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